New Zealand 2013

December 25, 2013

In March, 2013 I visited New Zealand. It is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes.

This is one of the many bookmarks I bought during my visit.


As you can imagine, I took thousands of pictures while in New Zealand. This is one of them (near Queenstown, South Island):


8 Responses to “New Zealand 2013”

  1. Skandinave Says:

    It’s nice to have you back to your Blog :) Lovely bookmark :) Show other bookmarks ;) Maybe you have something to exchange? :)

  2. Traveller Bookmarks Says:

    I also I’m very happy because of your return…

  3. Cathy Richards Says:

    Hey Patrick nice to see your blog on Nz and so pleased you got to visit our beautiful country. I hope u had a great time especially seeing Hobbiton. All the best Cathy

  4. Mati Says:

    Felicidades por tu bonita y original coleccion.saludos

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