Tui bird

September 10, 2010

The Tui is an endemic bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the diverse honeyeater family.

The English name, Parson Bird, has fallen into disuse but came about because at first glance the Tui appears completely black except for a small tuft of white feathers at its neck and a small white wing patch, causing it to resemble a parson in clerical attire.

Tui are considered to be very intelligent, much like parrots. They also resemble parrots in their ability to clearly imitate human speech, and are known for their noisy, unusual call, different for each individual.

Tui bird (


2 Responses to “Tui bird”

  1. Cathie Says:

    Thanks Patrick for sharing that info on the Tui. We love having them in the our garden here in NZ, and feed them daily with sweetened water. We have had up to 6 birds in the tree at one time and often scare away. And yes they are very talkative and noisy but a delight to watch.

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