Camino de los Patos

May 1, 2010

The Camino de los Patos (Ducks’ Road) also known as The Paso de Los Patos (Ducks’ Passage) is an Andine mountain pass between Argentina and Chile, used by the main column of the Army of the Andes to cross the Andes in early 1817, in order to liberate Chile from Spain. It’s framed by the imposing Valle de Los Patos Sur (Southern Valley of Ducks), southwest of the Province of San Juan, Argentina.

The Army of the Andes was a military force mustered by José de San Martín, who  was an Argentine general and the prime leader of the southern part of South America’s successful struggle for independence from Spain.

6 Responses to “Camino de los Patos”

  1. marges8 Says:

    This is a very interesting site, you have a great collection already started. I usually try to post a bookmark on my blog once a month.

  2. Cate Says:

    Wow Patrick I never knew so much went into bookmarks, how incredibly interesting!

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Got here from the comment you left on my blog. Your collection is wonderful! How do I send you one from Singapore?


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